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Beam with Wavelike Wall (BWW)

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Steel Beams with Wavelike Wall

A boldly designed beam manufactured by our company

We produce

Steel beams with wavelike wall. Beams (BWW) are welded metal structures of two square or rectangular pipes and a wavelike wall.

Balken mit wellenförmiger Wand (BWW)


Beams are used as metal trussing, pillars, elements of frame bearing structures for construction of warehouses, hangars and other industrial and residential buildings.


The main advantage of using BWW and products made thereof is reduction of specific quantity of metal in roof bearing structures leading to lower requirements to bearing capacity of the walls (pillars), foundations.

BWW enable quick and simple assembly of various structures. They are lighter than conventional beams with the same strength and bearing capacity.

ВWW is a profile of a constant unit consisting of 2 profiles (square pipe) and a sinusoidal metal insert.

Components for BWW production are reasonably priced and widespread products which allow producing BWW worldwide.

BWW production method requires no expensive components and power resources.
BWW as a profile is rather multi-purpose and can be used for different types of structures: hangar pillars and buildings with travelling cranes, cross-bars, girders, floor beams and joists, bindings, frames of office and industrial buildings, etc.

Any structures made using wooden beams or steel beams with IPE or IPN profile can be made with the use of BWW having the same or better mechanical performance but reducing specific quantity of metal in a finished building by 20 to 60%.

It is important that BWW as well as structures and frames made thereof have an enhanced durability and are advised for use in areas with seismic activity and high wind load.
One of the most important advantages for large frames made of BWW is the possibility to assemble them at site, therefore it eliminates all risks and difficulties related to transporting of off-gauge building structures.

Taking into account low weight of BWW and structures made thereof, building frame can be assembled using a common truck crane, without complex construction machines; it reduces greatly the assembly time as compared to a conventional frame assembly.

Farms are built based on BWW

They are lighter than conventional beams with the same strength and bearing capacity


9 meters span

295 kg


12 meters span

325 kg


18 meters span

1200 kg


24 meters span

1600 kg

Transfer technologies

Beam structure is protected by the copyright registration certificate. Elements of beam production line are protected by the patent of invention. BWW are made according to ТУ У 28.1-32010831-001:2008.

Sale of license and equipment for beam production

Our company gives opportunity to buy license for BWW production. Our company gives opportunity to buy equipment for BWW production.

We developed and created a fully-automatic production line of steel beams with wavelike wall (BWW).

Every BWW production line is a fully-autonomous, self-sufficient production unit ready for use.
BWW production line is supplied in 20′ or 40′ container which can be set up at any place, whether in desert zone, disaster and ruin area or just in a remote area, and it produces about 400 m of beam per shift.

Recent development introduced into this line enables cheap and quick (delivery rate of a finished product is about 1 m/min) manufacturing of steel beams with wavelike wall (BWW) up to 360 mm.
Introduction of products of this line into construction allows us to reduce specific quantity of metal in building structures by 40%, cut assembly and transport expenses, achieve design, supply and assembly periods unattainable for competitors.

Due to high bearing performance and low weight, a steel farm made with using this technology enables spanning up to 36 m without supporting bearings for all geographic zones.

All these properties provide you with an undeniable competitive advantage in all respects of the winning formula.

Projects LLC Arhstudiya, Architect V. Hayrapetyan

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